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A conversation with Dennie Palmer Wolf, Right Brain’s Evaluation Partner

February 4th, 2010 by Rebecca

Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf

The Right Brain Initiative is supremely blessed to work with dozens of intelligent partners and advocates who help us structure and manage our programming. Not least among them is Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, principal at WolfBrown—a consultancy in Cambridge, Mass.—and our official Evaluation Partner.

Dennie spent the entirety of last week in Portland for a series of site visits and planning meetings. We’ll provide a series of reports on those activities later—but first, I present an unrehearsed, totally unedited 10-minute audio interview, in which I sat down to ask Dennie a few basic questions. I asked her about the processes she’s devised to evaluate the work during Right Brain’s early stages, as artist take up short-term residencies in K-8 classrooms throughout the Portland area. I also asked her how the week’s work in Portland fits into the larger evaluation picture.

Stay tuned for another recording with Deb Brzoska, Right Brain’s Professional Development Partner, who was also in town last week. We’ll also post other reports from events that took place during the week, and in time, we’ll feature examples of the Imagination Interviews we spoke about in the interview.

…And I hope you’ll continue to stick around as I get better at this audio interviewing thing. Again, an experiment! Background urban street noise courtesy of Portland’s Pearl District.

Listen to the conversation here.

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A conversation with Dennie Palmer Wolf, Right Brain’s Evaluation Partner

  1. Your work is an inspiration and a big help. I communicated with you last summer to get a copy of the film on your website. Now I would like to get more information on your work with Dr. Palmer Wolf. Do you pay her as a consultant? This evaluation process that she describes make sense to me and we would like to embark on it here at pARTners. We have a deeply integrated arts program and think its now time that we begin to evaluate its effectiveness. Can you steer me in the right direction?

  2. So glad to know that our work has been inspirational in Wyoming! We have been committed from the get-go to providing evidence of the need for arts learning for all children. We had the great fortune of being introduced to Dennie Palmer Wolf through a mentorship with Big Thought in Dallas, Texas where Dennie was engaged in a five-year longitudinal research project. If you want to know more about her firm and their work, you can reach them at Feel free to contact me at for more details about our work with Dennie.

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