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Al-Andalus Ensemble: Tarik & Julia Banzi (Young Audiences)


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Music is a cultural universal–it is found in every community throughout the world. World Music is embedded in culture, geography, historical events and ideas as well as well established scientific acoustical principals.


To create musical instruments and perform music upon them is accessible, and is a practice in awareness of diversity and one’s unique potential.


We critically engage with organic and inorganic materials to make lasting connections from environment, science, social studies, math and distinct regions of the globe to diverse cultures. Students develop creative solutions for functioning musical instruments which give insight into the music of diverse cultures of the planet.


Students also gain competency in the Oregon Arts Standards, by being able to explain and analyze works of art (musical instruments) and musical sounds applying knowledge of technical, organizational, acoustical and aesthetic elements, and apply artistic elements and technical skills to create, present and perform works of art (musical instruments) for a variety of audiences and purposes.


Rooted in the concept that musicians from around the world make and play instruments from things found in their environments, we make music with the materials found in a typical classroom or home to reinforce connections between music, math, science, culture, art and aesthetics.  Taught by a team of two teaching artists, award-winning educators, composers, and performers, Tarik Banzi and Julia Banzi. Residency can be taught in English, Spanish, and French.


California ArtsBridge Award for “Best in creative and complete planning for teaching arts in public schools”






Spanish, Other, 


Making Music & Musical Instruments from Around the World (K-12)

Working individually, each student creates and learns to play their own unique musical instruments with attention to aesthetic and acoustical principals.  Students may then learn to play their creations in group compositions.  Collaboratively, each class composes instrumental and vocal pieces using their own homemade instruments. The structure, melody and words come from the students. Songwriting with bilingual and Spanish and/or French classes are welcome.


Journey from Baghdad to Cordoba (K-12)

Students embark on an award winning educational and interactive program of music and dance that illustrates cultural harmony which is uniquely relevant in today’s world.  “Journey from Baghdad to Cordoba” celebrates the religious and cultural tolerance between Jews, Christians and Muslims that flourished in Medieval Spain.  History and cultures come alive through the language of the fan and the magic of a shawl in action!  Students are invited to create rhythms with the darbuka drum, do palmas (flamenco clapping), interact with the performers with jaleos (shouts of encouragement) and join in a lively group rumba dance!


We link the history of the art form of music and the creation and construction of musical instruments to life experiences of today, showing significance and value, establishing a desire to know and discover. In addition to connections of Literacy and History, we link music and musical instrument making to Geography, Math, Science and Language. Students study the acoustical principals of each instrument type, and discover an understanding of physical objects and the sounds they make. They also practice collaboration and problem solving, singly, or in group compositions, building self-confidence and mutual respect.


For Residencies (2 Artists): Making Music and Musical Instruments: $112 per classroom session (50 minutes), and $65 planning and reflection meetings with school. Minimum of two classrooms per school visit. Break between sessions: 10 minutes.

Additional Costs: Instrument Exhibit Handling Fee: $25/day.

Performances: Single Performance (3 Artists) 

Single Price: $800

Pair Price: $975

Performances are only to be booked as an introduction to your Right Brain residency. All other performances may be booked through Young Audiences.

Travel Costs: Artist may charge for travel costs based on site location outside of the Portland metro area.



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