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Dance Like the Stars (Young Audiences)


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Students demonstrate competency in the Oregon Arts Standards, by being able to explain and analyze works of art (dance) applying knowledge of technical, organizational and aesthetic elements, and apply artistic elements and technical skills to create, present and perform works of art (dance) for a variety of audiences and purposes.


We explore aesthetes and criticism, removing the value judgment of good and bad, teaching how to give valuable feedback.


Students acquire key dance vocabulary, skills of dancing, techniques, coordination, control, rhythm, balance, agility, and demonstrate these skills in dance routines with partners and group teamwork.


Students gain awareness and comfort with the artistic process: Create, Perform, Reflect, Observe, Describe, Infer, Test Inferences and Share.


Our mission: To preserve and promote the art of partner dance, sharing traditions, music and cultural history, from around the world. Partner dancing empowers youth, instills etiquette and important skills of social interaction. By teaching teamwork, respect and dignity, students learn empathy for one another while celebrating diversity and strengthening their community. Our program inspires students to discover and experience the joy of partner dance and helps to set the stage with important skills for good partnership and life long learning.


Young Audiences teaching artists are committed to inspiring the imaginations of young people and have strategies for working with the complexities of school environments. Through a variety of ongoing professional development opportunities and a multi-faceted evaluation system, as well as through their experience with students and educators, Young Audiences teaching artists are continually growing as teachers and as artists.






Each residency is uniquely designed in collaboration with classroom teachers to discover individual and collective goals and discern the best way to support the success of their students and their school. We use arts integration, showing natural and significant connections between our art form of dance and Literacy, History, Geography, Math, Science and Language.  Right Brain residencies are typically 3-5 sessions. Taught by a team of two teaching artists, led by award winning educators, choreographers and performers, Daniel Hutchison, Anya Klimova-Preston, and Rachel Lidskog.


K-12    You Can Dance Like the Stars with Ballroom, Latin & Swing!

Students discover the joy of partner dance, building self-confidence and mutual respect, while acquiring important skills in social etiquette. Witness a transformation in the classroom as students learn to interact as “Ladies and Gentleman.” Students develop a sense of pride, physical presence and poise, as they master the steps and conquer their fears of dancing with their classmates of the opposite gender. Choose from seven dance styles, an opportunity to explore a variety of music, cultural histories and geographies, allowing for natural tie-ins and significant connections to your classroom curriculum.


K-8     Math & Music + Physics & Movement = Dance

Partner dancing can help students grasp concepts of geometry, symmetry, patterns and sequence, energy transfer and motion, while simultaneously developing both left and right sides of the brain. Connections to curriculum include skills in mapping, geometry in the Waltz, sequences in Merengue, fractions with Cha-Cha and symmetry in Swing. This innovative exploration of teamwork and discovery will be a fun and memorable way to obtain, and retain, those important mathematical concepts.


3-12   International Folk Dance: Exploring History, Geography & Cultures

Students enrich their knowledge in history, geography and cultural traditions by learning and demonstrating international folk dances. Choose from dances such as the French Polka, German Waltz, Chinese Fan Dance, Russian Kadril, American Swing, Cuban Salsa and more. This fascinating journey of cultural discovery through dance will bring great delight and community connection to the classroom.


Dance is a universal language, a communication that bridges cultures and generations, expressing emotion and story telling without words. Journal writing, along with classroom discussion, are assessment tools we use for student learning. We link the history of the art form of dance to life experiences of today, showing significance and value, establishing a desire to know and discover. In addition to using writing in our residencies, and the connections to Literacy and History, we can integrate dance into studies of Geography, Math, Science and Language.


*$112 per session (Two instructors at each session)

*A minimum of three sessions per participating class

*A maximum of 30 participants per session

*Are consecutive 50-minute sessions with a 10-15 minute break for the artist

*Are typically 3-4 sessions per day

*Require a initial planning meeting for the artist, principal, arts coordinator, and participating teachers ($65)

*Reflection meetings/ Additional Planning meetings ($65)

Teacher Workshop:  Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance for your Classroom $285 (Two instructors at each session)

Travel Costs: Artist may charge for travel costs based on site location.



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