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Tomorrow! Advocate for Right Brain + a vision of a creative society at Portland City Hall

March 16th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

In March 2009, arts advocates packed the house at RACC's State of the Arts presentation. Photo: Jennifer Yocom.

 Are you ready to do more to move forward The Right Brain Initiative, and our quest to bring arts education to all K-8 students in the Portland area school systems?* This month, you’re doubly in luck, because we’ve got two golden opportunities to get active.   

The first takes place tomorrow—Wednesday, March 17 at 9:30am—as the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) (Right Brain’s managing partner) makes its annual State of the Arts presentation to the Portland City Council, aptly timed to coincide with the Council’s budget deliberations for the 2010-11 fiscal year. We invite, encourage, summon any and all arts lovers to stand witness as audience members as we celebrate our accomplishments from the past year and discuss the challenges we’ll collectively face as an arts community in the year ahead.  

Right Brain receives significant funding from the City, and we’ll play a clear role in this presentation. In fact, we’re excited to have Holly Wilson, a dynamic 6th grade teacher from Right Brain partner school Rigler Elementary in Northeast Portland scheduled to testify to the necessity of integrated arts education in the Portland Public Schools. 

But we ask you to stand with us at City Hall tomorrow not just as a means to show support for Right Brain and arts education. We ask you to express your desire to build a city that increasingly prioritizes the arts on a grand scale. A city that provides us ample opportunity to be moved and inspired. One that emphasizes multiple ways of seeing and being. One that recognizes creativity as an aptitude equally important to linear logic. One that values and supports the presence of full-time artists. A city that serves as a national model of a flourishing arts community.

This is your chance to communicate to city leaders the vision you subscribe to. Last year, over 200 local advocates showed up to the State of the Arts presentation—wowing the Council. We hope to outdo ourselves this year. Members of the audience won’t need to do anything more than just be there, but by manifesting a genuine crowd, we will demonstrate the public’s powerful commitment to building a society in which creativity thrives.   

Join us!   

RACC State of the Arts Presentation
Portland City Hall
1221 SW 4th Avenue
Wednesday, March 17

*(arrive early if you want to be sure to get a seat!)   

Read more about the specifics of this event on RACC’s website.    

Ready to do even more?:

RSVP to if you plan to be there (read more about the Creative Advocacy Network (CAN)’s efforts re: this event)
♦ Encourage others to join you via email, phone, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blog, passenger pigeon, what have you! Whatever mode is most effective within your network.
Read more about the power of arts advocacy and ways you can advance the arts at RACC’s current newsletter online. 

*Don’t forget, you can always advocate for us by being a part of our network through Facebook and Twitter, engaging with this blog, volunteering your time,  joining our email list or making a donation via our homepage.


Right Brain Team