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Al-Andalus Ensemble: Tarik & Julia Banzi (Young Audiences)


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Students learn:
*Music is all around you!
*Making music & musical instruments from around the world:
  • is a way for you to express yourself in new ways, connect to others, the world, and the environment!
  • is cross-disciplinary and throughly integrates the STEM manifesto.
  • reinforces the writing process and strengthens literacy.
  • situates inquiry based science instruction into a project based approach that arise from the real world.
  • prioritizes curiosity, connections, sense-making, reasoning and application.
  • fosters lifelong connections to other discipline areas.


The married couple Tarik & Julia Banzi who are themselves a model of integration lead this residency. Devoted to composing, performing and teaching about world music. For over twenty years their music has been a song of passion, possibility, and peace, while representing a confluence of ancient and contemporary voices, both East and West.
Tarik is an accomplished visual artist (Ph.D.) and multi-instrumentalist from Morocco (North Africa). Julia is a flamenco guitarist and an ethnomusicologist (Ph.D.) specialist in music cultures of the world. We have developed curriculum to teach how all people have creative potential, unique voices to share. To illuminate how diversity is our strength and how music is all around us!


Dance,Music,3D Visual Arts,



Spanish, Other, 




Three day or week long residencies include daily short played demonstrations of diverse world music instruments from many countries to inspire and introduce the children to the concept of music in culture and the basic elements of musical instruments and music making from around the world. We culminate the session by beginning the creation of their first musical instrument and first musical composition. We edit and critique the compositions and musical instruments on the second day and also begin work on group compositions. Depending on the length of the residency we are able to add additional instruments. The workshop culminates in a sharing circle with artist statement and performance of musical instrument and compositions.
Our residencies include projects that address issues of “self ” and “other” or single issues such as global communities, sharing the planet, Pilgrims, awareness of the environment, Native Americans in Oregon, exploration, forest resources, health and the life cycle of water. We incorporated concepts of the STEM manifesto throughout our residency.
Classroom projects and their themes will be determined by dialogue with individual teachers, teams or school wide curriculum focus. We are often inspired by the curriculum of a certain class and create projects based on specific interdisciplinary subjects.



Our residencies integrate well with Literacy, ELA, Social Studies, History and Science.
Creating and editing musical instruments and musical compositions directly ties into the English/Language Arts curriculum and standards on many levels, from planning and composition to reflection and editing, ending with publishing.
Cross Disciplinary Thinking
Math: mathematical concepts behind rhythm and polyrhythms
Visual thinking strategies needed to create powerful images are integrated with aural/oral thinking strategies needed to create successful compositions are stressed using the terms, “observe, describe, and interpret.”
Students to explore themselves and the world around them through the lens of music, using the musical instruments they create as a catalyst of expression.


Space: We are flexible but generally prefer one designated classroom where students come to artists. We are able to move from classroom to classroom and depending upon the residency this may be better. However, moving the instruments incurs time spent moving and this can affect session length.

Travel: We drive and are available for residencies more than 10 miles outside of Portland. If out of Portland area, travel reimbursed at current IRS tax return mileage rate.

Breaks: Charged as a session.

Supplies: Common school supplies, specialized supplies and found objects will be used. Balloons, rubber bands, clear packing tape, fishing line. If available tea tins or other metal cans (safely taped).


Technology: None. Whiteboard or chalkboard to write upon.


For Residencies (2 Artists): Making Music and Musical Instruments: $112 per classroom session (50 minutes), and $65 planning and reflection meetings with school. Minimum of two classrooms per school visit. Break between sessions: 10 minutes.

Additional Costs: Instrument Exhibit Handling Fee: $25/day.

Performances: (3 Artists) 

Single Price: $800

Pair Price: $975

Performances are only to be booked as an introduction to your Right Brain residency. All other performances may be booked through Young Audiences.

Travel Costs: We drive and are available for residencies more than 10 miles outside of Portland. If out of Portland area, travel reimbursed at current IRS tax return mileage rate.



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