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Ashley Klump


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  • expose students and teachers to new art processes that they may be able to continue to use after the residency
  • provide a deeper connection to the curricular content or Big Idea through creating works of art
  • engage students by encouraging them to create artworks that relate to their personal experiences and cultures


As a teaching artist I seek to engage, encourage, and cultivate students’ creativity through exposing them to new artistic processes. My teaching style connects youth with the visual culture surrounding them in their everyday lives. I enjoy the collaborative process connecting myself as the artist, classroom teachers, school-wide goals, and students’ life experiences and creative expression.


Literary Arts,2D Visual Arts,3D Visual Arts,




I thoroughly enjoy creating custom residencies for schools who would like to work with other art mediums, Big Ideas, or curricular content. Additional planning hours may be required for custom residencies. Below are a couple examples of residencies that have been successful in the past.


Multi-Media Book Arts:

Students create books they can present and take home at the end of the residency. Teachers work with students to create a writing sample and make illustrations during the residency. Illustrations are made using several different art mediums, giving students a diverse range of artistic experiences. Popular art mediums are oil pastel with watercolor, collage, printmaking, and gouache painting. This residency can be adapted to all grade levels and is great to present at a parent night after the residency where we can provide information about the residency and The Right Brain Initiative. We typically need 4-5 sessions to complete this residency.


Collaborative Collage:

Whole classrooms work together to plan and produce a large scale collaborative collage using found papers and materials. This residency is great to integrate with a sustainability theme and can connect well to science or social studies curricula, as well as community building within the school. Students collect paper and found objects from around their community and paint some of the paper in the colors needed for the images they want to create. Then work together to cut paper and assemble the collage on a large reused surface. This residency can be adapted for all age levels and the amount of sessions can vary depending on the size of the final collage.


  • book making: writing, language arts, poetry, social studies
  • collaborative collage: social studies, science, sustainability
  • observational drawing: science
  • murals: community building, science, social studies


Once a school establishes the Big Idea they would like their residency to connect to we can then discuss what art mediums and curricular content we can integrate. We can customize any residency based on a school’s needs.



Space: Flexible. Existing art room preferred. Many residencies require a sink, a projector, and a room where students come to me, but I am flexible as long as space restrictions are communicated during the planning meeting.


Travel: I drive and am available for residencies more than 15 miles outside of Portland.


Breaks longer than an hour will be charged.


Supplies: I usually try to use a combination of supplies generally available at the school and new supplies that are affordable and can be easily purchased if teachers would like to continue to use the art medium in their regular curricula.


Examples: scissors, glue sticks, construction paper, paper cutter, watercolor sets, paint brushes, oil pastels, found paper with interesting designs or patterns, other found materials


Technology: Classroom projector to plug in a laptop, Overhead projector to display images and examples, technology requirements are dependent on the type of residency planned, but a projector to plug in a laptop is helpful for at least the first day of most residencies


$70/session. Most residencies require 3-7 sessions.

Meetings, prep, planning, and installation time: $50/hr.

Supplies: Supply costs vary depending on the project, but can be kept low by using recycled materials or supplies available in the classroom.

Mileage:  Travel to school is reimbursed per mile based on applicable IRS Standard Mileage Rate.



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