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Arts Education Advocacy as a Parent: Tip #5

September 16th, 2011 by Right Brain Team


While a season subscription to the local children’s theatre company may not be financially viable for our family right away (we’re currently figuring out how to finance our parental leave by jettisoning luxuries right and left), there are many opportunities to expose students to the arts outside of school. Regardless of what experiences your child has in school, augmenting with out of school experiences will bring a deeper level of value and appreciation for the arts. Try checking your local library for arts events. Many are offered free of charge. If your child is interested in taking art classes, but cost is an issue, don’t be afraid to ask for a scholarship. Most organizations seek funding specifically to help defray the cost of tuition and many have a “no questions asked” policy for granting them.

What other ways have you found as a parent to advocate for arts education? 

Deb Vaughn is Arts Education/Poetry Out Loud Coordinator for the Oregon Arts Commission and a mom-to-be.

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth and final post in a series by Deb honoring parent advocacy during National Arts in Education Week. In Thursday’s post, Deb discussed the value of sending letters to your district and sitting in on school board meetings. This blog series is expanded from Deb’s recent blog entry for Americans for the Arts.

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