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Arts integration at its best.

March 23rd, 2011 by Right Brain Team

We recently stumbled upon an incredible video on Edutopia—it’s not new, but it so excited us, we had to share. This video captures middle school students in Portland, Maine, who worked together to map public art, create their own kinetic sculptures, and write proposals for their sculpture’s installation. This is an excellent example of deep and dynamic arts integration—melding art, history, language arts, engineering, technology, communications and community, to give students a rich and engaging learning experience. This is exactly the type of thing we’d like to see happening at every school in this Portland area.

I should also note that the teachers at this school are alotted four uninterrupted hours of group meeting and planning time each week—during the school day. The success of this project is a shining example of what can happen when teachers are given access to professional development, and the time to plan and collaborate necessary to execute a sophisticated program like this. Congrats to everyone involved at King Middle School!

Check it out!


Right Brain Team