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Bidding Show + Tell a fond farewell

December 14th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Show + Tell at Last Thursday on Alberta Street, August 2010

With rumors of snow circulating, and the end-of-the-year festivities in full swing, it seems only fitting that Show + Tell has had its last show of the season. It was a great experiment, and we’ll miss having a walk-in exhibit that illustrates Right Brain’s role in the school and community. In the last six months, the “little pod that could” traveled to thirteen locations in three counties and was visited by over 1500 people. It has been home to countless hours of discussion about what we do, the importance of arts education, and the funding for our program. Show + Tell has also been filled with button-making, brain tic-tac-toe, and laughter (in both multimedia displays of artists and students in action, and from the visitors and volunteers).

The pod was a learning experience in many ways. It was built to illustrate and help teach the general public about Right Brain, but it also served as a crash-course in the care and keeping of a traveling exhibit. We’ve staffed Show + Tell on hundred-degree days and in freezing rain; we’ve talked to 300 people in two hours and 4 people in five hours. Perhaps most surprising, we’ve talked to parents who knew almost nothing about the program, even when their child had worked with a Right Brain artist. While we explained professional development and our actions towards a sustainable, equitable arts education for all students, we were constantly learning about the status of arts education in the area (and more broadly, the country).

Perhaps we said it best back in June: We kind of can’t believe we did this.

See a full set of images from Show + Tell’s travels around the region on Flickr.

Thank you again to PODS – Portland & SW Washington for their generous sponsorship of this project.


Right Brain Team