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NW 23rd Street Fair: Chalk art for education

July 13th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Endless thanks to Cecily and staff at Goorin Bros., Blaine at Umpqua Bank and the rest of the NW 23rd Avenue Street Fair organizers who planned a really successful chalk drawing contest on behalf of Right Brain last Saturday.

We were in excellent company at the street fair, with the Rose City Rollers, Art Alexakis (former Everclear frontman), the ever-charming former Portland Mayor Bud Clark, live musicians of all kinds, and what must have been at least one million pets. At the chalk art contest, each artist was granted a square to embellish and the public was invited to vote for their drawing with cash. At the end of the day, all proceeds were donated to The Right Brain Initiative. Genius.

The quality of the chalk drawings turned out to be superb, and the enthusiasm from Right Brain advocates old and new was totally inspiring. I always relish opportunities to get out into the real world and put my finger on the pulse of the communities we serve.

Thanks again to the organizers, who put a lot of thought and time into the production, and never ceased to be generous and dedicated and really fun to work with. Thanks also to the 10 artists who donated their time—we couldn’t have done this without you!

Watch the video the NW 23rd Ave folks put together about the festival.

See our “full” set of images (that is, I snapped about eight photographs of questionable quality) on our Flickr site!


Right Brain Team