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Community supports the Imagination Fund!

April 1st, 2013 by Right Brain Team

Right Brain supporter Abbie Hebein and friends put together a rock show to benefit our Imagination Fund. We won't dare ask you to do anything this big, but read on to learn about how you can help support our match challenge campaign.


We are deep into our Imagination Fund campaign and we’re delighted to report that we’ve so far raised over $11,000 of our $25,000 goal, through individual contributions of $250 and higher! That makes just $14,000 left to raise by June 15th.

Thank you to all who have supported our work so far, either by making donations on our online campaign page, or hosting a Dine in for Right Brain event. We are really pleased with our progress and love that so many of our advocates have been able to have fun while supporting this campaign.

Imagination Fund Donors

  • Mandy Allen
  • Emma Beckman
  • Deborah Brzoska
  • Duncan and Cindy Campbell
  • Charmian Creagle
  • Katherine Drew
  • Allen Eraut
  • Sean Hammons
  • Brook MacNamara
  • Gary R. Maffei
  • Mary Maletis
  • Lori and Max M. Miller, Jr.
  • Ian Mullen
  • PGE on behalf of Carole Morse
  • The Regence Fund of OCF on behalf of Alexis Rolloff
  • Anna-Katharina Rigby
  • Marna Stalcup

Dine in for Right Brain hosts

  • Kimberly Brecko and Ron Miller
  • Rebecca Burrell and Becky Miller
  • Katherine Drew
  • Sam Ellingson, Molly Cochran and Kate Clark
  • Abbie Hebein, Lindsay Burnette and Sula Wilson

So, why all the hootenanny about this campaign? If we can raise the remaining the full $25,000 by June, all donations will be generously matched by the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund. That means we’ll have an additional $50,000 to support our work bringing creativity to classrooms throughout the region.

Can you help us make our match? Please consider making a donation or hosting a Dine in for Right Brain event. We won’t go into too much detail, but for those are considering hosting an intimate fundraising event with your friends, we’ll tip you off that we just received some wine and beer donations and would love to help out the first few to schedule an event with us by contributing beverages to your cause. Learn more about the Dine In events at the link above, or by contacting Becky Miller at

Thanks for your support of the arts in public schools!


Right Brain Team