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Dine in (or craft, drink, bake, play in!) for Right Brain

October 1st, 2013 by Right Brain Team

Friends! Be inspired by the above campaign video and take advantage of an incredible—and incredibly fun—opportunity to advocate for The Right Brain Initiative. We are in the middle of Year Two of a three-year match challenge from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund. That means we need to raise $25,000 by June 15, 2015 in amounts of $250 and above.

The easiest and most delightful way to contribute to this campaign is by participating in our  series of grassroots events. We’re on the hunt to make 20 of these events happen during this campaign, which are meant be customized to you and your guests. So far, the events have taken the form of dinner, brunch, wine tasting, ice cream social, rock show and craft party. What else can you dream up? Home brew party? Holiday cookie baking? Think about what your friends, family or colleagues like to do together and consider whether you could make a fundraiser out of it that would raise $250 to qualify for a match.

We’re hoping to set up six of these events before 2014. Consider joining us! 

This is what you will be responsible for:

  • Invite your friends
  • Provide the meal or activity
  • Collect at least $250 from the group (Usually this is at least $25 per person multiplied by 10 people; if you want to charge $10, that means you need 25 guests; $50 and you only need 5 guests.)

This is what we provide:

  • A Right Brain artist or staff member to help tell the story of our work
  • Wine and/or beer for your guests
  • Collateral about Right Brain to share with your guests
  • Supplies for collecting donations
  • Tips for making the event a success

Friends brunched for Right Brain earlier this year and raised over $300!

We make it really easy, and past experience tells us it is guaranteed to be a meaningful experience for you and your friends.  In fact, read more about the events that PSU students put together, read about the business event held at Merrill Lynch, or some of the other venues and party strategies folks employed to advocate on our behalf.

Get started! Contact Rebecca Burrell at to schedule your date and for more information. 


Right Brain Team