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November 12th, 2010 by Right Brain Team


We believe that the arts are a necessary aspect of human wellness. And we believe that creativity is an essential part of every education. The arts woven through a classroom’s curriculum change “have to” into “want to,” and create places of teacher innovation. The arts are often the final link tethering at-risk kids to school.

Yet, as school district budgets continue to sink, access to the arts increasingly relies on a family’s ability to pay for private instruction. It relies on each K-8 school’s ability to fundraise. And that means that some children’s lives are infused with creative learning, while some get none at all.

Throughout this school year, we’ll provide you with an ongoing set of opportunities to help us close this imagination gap. We need your help to make sure that all K-8 children can count on the opportunity to learn through creativity during the school day—regardless of neighborhood, language or readiness to learn.

Here’s your first concrete opportunity to contribute to our cause:We’ve been included in the Willamette Week‘s Give!Guide, a noble effort to raise money for 79 local non-profit programs. With a minimum $10 contribution through their online system, you can support Right Brain and other organizations who work for youth, education, the arts and community. Along with a few goodies from us, when you give to Right Brain through the Give!Guide, you’ll receive a thank you from local businesses like Stumptown Coffee and New Seasons Market.

The Right Brain Initiative has made it this far—serving nearly 11,000 kids in 4 school districts—because of the incredible blanket of support we’ve received from all areas of the community. We move forward with sincere appreciation, and with the recognition that we’re not finished until we’re serving all 110,000 students in 25 districts. All of us must work together to get there. It comes down to businesses, government, school districts, foundations. And it comes down to you. Together, let’s prepare our children for a complex future that will require the full measure of their minds.

This is the best time you’ll have all year to make your contribution.

It starts with $10.


…Once that’s done, how many of your friends, colleagues and neighbors can you get to join in?

Can’t show your support with a financial contribution?There are other ways to be a part of our army. Join our email list, join us on Facebook and Twitter. Join our growing cast of amazing volunteers. You, joining our network of supporters—in whatever way you can—means more to us than you’ll ever know.


Right Brain Team