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Grassroots, Tree Tops, Canopy . . . Oh My! The Statewide Arts Education Conversation, Part Three

August 11th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

With a somewhat heavy heart, I deliver the last (for now!) of three entries from guest blogger Deb Vaughn, Arts Education Coordinator at the Oregon Arts Commission. I’m sorry to see the series end, but am not sorry to spread word about the excellent programs described below, which are both brought to you directly by the OAC itself. And if I may submit a slightly impartial third-party endorsement, the resources listed below are an absolutely vital part of the diet of any arts education advocate in this state. Thanks again, Deb, for your contributions!

(Did you miss Parts One or Two of Deb’s guest blog posts? You can find them here and here.)

After a lot of talk about informing other people’s conversations, let’s talk about how you can start your own conversation and have it impact the rest of the state.

Arts Education Congress
The 3rd Annual Oregon Arts Education Congress is scheduled for Monday, November 8.  Please mark your calendar.  After two years of framing work and mission-building, this year’s focus will be on peer-led sessions demonstrating replicable models for enhancing and advancing arts education. Regional Planning Teams will organize action plans to address their specific needs. You won’t want to miss this newly formatted, hands-on event.

If you aren’t already signed up to receive Congress updates, sign up at

Oregon Arts Education Forum
For those interested in participating in dialogue year-round, of who prefer written communication to conference presentations, this open forum is an opportunity to connect to others around the state engaging in similar work, share successes and challenges, and keep on top of the latest news and research. A couple of the most recent conversations include: feedback for the Oregon ELI team, conversation about the Oregon arts education standards review, speeches from Arne Duncan (US Secretary of Education) and Rocco Landesman (NEA Chairman) from the Arts Education Partnership Forum and a newly formed national arts education twitter group. Check it or, or start a conversation of your own at

Deb Vaughn, Oregon Arts Commission


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