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Help us bring Brain Food to life! And claim a deck of creative activities for your very own.

October 29th, 2013 by Right Brain Team

At Right Brain, we maintain a bold vision of bright and adventurous classroom learning. We have a vision of educating a new generation of Oregonians who are engaged and curious and creative. Our Brain Food activities help us proliferate that vision beyond the 49 Portland area schools we currently serve. And if you’ve been following us, you know that we’ve been working with the Design for Good committee of AIGA Portland for nearly three years to bring Brain Food to life in a three-dimensional, tactile form.

Through a 50-card deck of activities available at local retailers and schools, we’ll provide families and educators with accessible tools to think in new ways, making connections between the arts and the rest of the world we live in. Imagine building an intricate museum exhibit or designing your own language, and all of the dynamic brain action and interdisciplinary learning that comes along with it. These decks are created primarily for use by kids, but we believe the activities are great creative prompts for people of all ages. And once these decks are complete and available for sale, they’ll provide a legitimate and ongoing funding stream for our program. Brain Food not only helps us share our vision, but these decks will contribute to the sustainability of our work in public schools.

As of today, all 50 activities are written and 10 local designers have donated their time to complete original illustrations. We even secured WCP Solutions to donate the paper for the decks. We just need you to help us cover the printing costs to bring this project to the world.

Contribute to our campaign by November 7! With a donation of just $25, we’ll send a Brain Food deck directly to your home just in time for the holidays, and an additional deck will be donated to an elementary school in the Portland metro area. You’ll also receive public recognition for your efforts and endless adoration from us.

It’s hard to express how meaningful it has been to work closely with the AIGA on this project. Their shared commitment to this cause has enabled us to take on an initiative we never could have mustered alone. It reflects a real model for how a non-profit and a professional association can partner to really make change.

Help us bring this project to life! We’ve come too far to lose it now.

Read more and contribute now!

Get a preview of the Brain Food activities and their delicious illustrations.

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Right Brain Team