The Right Brain Initiative


Measuring success

We partner with Victoria Lukich, Education Consultant & Evaluator, to measure exactly how our program impacts teachers, students and schools.

In 2019, Right Brain teachers using arts integration strategies reported observing increases in students’…

  • Engagement 99%
  • Creative Thinking 97%
  • Critical Thinking 92%
  • Ability to Access Content 90%
  • English Language Learners Ability to Access Content 95%

A five-year study released in 2014 revealed significant increases in the average annual state standardized test scores of students in Right Brain schools.   This data is a big deal, and it earned us kudos from around the nation, including The Huffington Post, Americans for the Arts and New York City’s Center for Arts Education.

Download our 2014 Progress Report for a full set of data about our impact on students, teachers and schools. (PDF)