The Right Brain Initiative


Professional Development

Before right brains and left brains make beautiful synapse-firing music together, teachers become learners by attending professional development workshops.

Each fall and winter, teachers and principals from Right Brain partner schools immerse themselves in a full day of hands-on learning. In an extensive three-year sequence of workshops, they explore new ways of teaching by engaging in hands-on movement and collaborative art-making challenges. With their right brains fully engaged, all participants focus on the artistic processes of creating, presenting, reflecting and responding. Workshops provide classroom teachers with a common language for arts integration, and tools they can integrate into their regular teaching. Arts teachers receive additional training. By the end of the third year of the series, schools walk away with a plan for school-wide implementation of arts integration.

three-day summer seminar are also available for educators who do not work at Right Brain partner school, but want to learn to connect creativity to academic subjects.

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