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Concord Elementary teachers take their residency experience to a new level.

February 14th, 2011 by Right Brain Team


We think this is really cool. A few weeks ago, teachers at Concord Elementary in Milwaukie took it upon themselves to schedule a staff session with Right Brain artist Amy Steel in preparation for her upcoming residency at their school. These teachers rolled up their sleeves and rolled out the clay. They worked with Amy to engage in their own art making process to become familiar with the clay modeling exercise that their students would be muscling with.

A few weeks later, Amy is now working with all the students in this K-6 school to create a mural of biomes. That is, the school community constructs animal and plant communities through visual art! The clay mural will then be permanently installed at the school.

Of course, The Right Brain Initiative is designed to be a deep learning experience for teachers, as well as for students, but, still, we appreciate that Concord teachers have gone this extra mile.

Check out a few more pictures of this session here on our Flickr page.


Right Brain Team