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November 21st, 2013 by Right Brain Team

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Marina Barcelo is used to diverse and challenging roles. Grant writer, Development Director, dancer and writer, she even took a stab at playing Hamlet once, along with countless other productions.

Her newest role as RACC’s Corporate & Foundations Relations Manager marries her productive history in fundraising and development and her passion for the arts. Marina will primarily work alongside The Right Brain Initiative, whose mission is close to her heart.

Growing up in Monterey, there is not a period in Marina’s life where the arts were not present. “I can’t look back at my years in school without thinking about how important the arts were in terms of shaping me.” But she acknowledges the extensive and life-changing arts education she received was a gift and privilege not afforded to every student, which is why she believes the programming at Right Brain is so important.

Marina holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a M.S.W with a concentration in leadership and development, a M.A. in Gender Studies, and a Certificate in Non-Profit management and Philanthropy from Loyola University Chicago, which gives her a well-rounded background.

Forging connections with people and bringing people on board is what Marina loves most about her job at RACC. “I love being able to share with people what RACC and Right Brain do and watch them go from being an outside observer to actually investing in our program.”

She places value on building and maintaining meaningful relationships. In her most recent position at Chicago Women’s Health Center, Marina made time to rebuild relationships with lapsed funders, even scoring a grant from an organization that had not given in nearly 10 years. During her time at Chicago Women’s Health Center, Marina was also an integral part of a capital campaign, which was ultimately successful in securing a new building for the organization.

Heavy hitters like Groupon, Charter One and Bank of America are just a few of the corporate relationships in Marina’s repertoire. “I have such respect for corporations who self reflect and think about their ability to give back to the community,” she explained.

All roles, whether staff, teacher, or donor are equally important and valuable in Marina’s mind. She strives to show donors just how important their part in the equation is.

Marina has already met with a few Right Brain corporate and foundation funders and is very enthusiastic about expanding this list and sharing the impact Right Brain with members of the community.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with Right Brain and bring in more funding and building upon the incredible foundation that is expanding and growing into more schools,” Marina said.

To be a part of Right Brain and help support a program that gives students access to enriching arts experiences that made such an impact in her own life is an exciting role, Marina is more than ready to play.

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