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Parents—participation is the key.

March 4th, 2011 by Right Brain Team


Students and parents make art together at a family night following a Right Brain residency at Whitman Elementary (SE Portland). This is the kind of thing we'd like to see more of through parent and neighborhood engagement. Photo by Lauren Brooks.

Calling out to parents, neighbors, relatives, art enthusiasts and the rest of us who believe that our children need to experience and develop the the magnificence of their whole brains! This a call to action. The Right Brain Initiative is growing, and we want to let the neighborhoods we serve know  more about how we’re contributing to the education of their K-8 students.

We’re starting a new outreach program and we now seek volunteers to be our advocates at the schools we serve (see a list of the 25 schools Right Brain partners with).  Our children are being affected by arts education, or the lack of it, and we want to share with the community what that means, and how Right Brain aims to make long-term change. There are no prerequisites. No prior knowledge needed. If you are a parent or concerned adult and want to share how Right Brain is making a permanent difference on the quality of your child’s education, we want to talk.

We’re looking for volunteers to fill two different roles. Click below to download more thorough descriptions of these positions:

Right Brain Arts Advocate for each Right Brain partner school (ideally this is a parent at a Right Brain school or resident of a Right Brain school neighborhood).

Right Brain District Arts Advocate to manage the work happening at each school (ideally this is someone who lives in one of the districts we serve).

If you like what you see, we’re offering a training to begin the outreach wheels turning:

Tuesday, March 15  | Noon – 1:30pm

Please join me! Contact me, Sarah Link, at 414.704.7022 for more questions, or to RSVP for the training.

To volunteer in other capacities for The Right Brain Initiative, fill out our volunteer application.

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