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pARTy! in the Name of Art

December 3rd, 2012 by Right Brain Team

What are you doing this weekend? Holiday shopping? Ugly sweater party? Whether you’re planning on going out on the town or passing out on the couch, we’d like to suggest one more option—pARTy! In the Name of Art: a benefit for RACC, honoring Mayor Sam Adams.

Friday night is a chance to show your support of one of this city’s finest public servants, and two of his favorite causes (and we must admit, ours too), and have a blast doing so. There will be a floor to dance on and music to dance to, food to eat and drinks to wash it down, artists and appetizers, dancers and distilleries, people to people-watch, and celebrities to spot.

**AND, if you donate to Right Brain through the Willamette Week Give! Guide before Wednesday (12/5), you’ll be entered to win two tickets to this soiree for free.

So break out the lint-roller. Shine the shoes. Re-learn the four-in-hand (or the full Windsor if you’re fancy), and leave the ugly sweater at home. It’s a rare occasion in which the past can be honored in a way that so directly benefits the future. We already have lots of memories with Mayor Sam Adams. Help us make a few more, and support that future—in it’s littlelest, Portlandiest, Right-Brainiest forms—in the process. We’ll see you there.


Right Brain Team