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Photographers! Please help us avoid THIS:

April 9th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

I took this photograph on Monday during a BodyVox residency at View Acres Elementary School in Clackamas. Ahem.

Please do not let Right Brain depend on my photography skills.

Skilled photographers and videographers with big hearts, you are sorely needed! Right Brain has an unusually high need for volunteers willing to help with documentation, which we use to communicate the importance  and effectiveness of the work we’re doing—both to evaluators and to a greater public. 

We’re looking  for results more like this one (generously supplied by Right Brain teaching artist Julie Keefe during her residency at Hayhurst Elementary last year):

This need is as pressing as ever now, as we enter our busiest time of year. Dozens of classroom artist residencies are wrapping up, or are about to begin, and we don’t want to lose track of the incredible learning taking place. 

We already have a short list of talented and generous volunteer photographers, but because we often don’t receive approval for documentation opportunities until a few days in advance, we need a large pool of folks to call upon.

We’re looking for photographers who fulfill the following qualifications:
– Could clear a background check, if needed, with the school systems
– Are comfortable around kids and teachers, but are able to melt into the background
– Have the ability to get out to all areas of the Portland Metro area, often difficult to reach without a car
– Are skilled at capturing motion and accommodating the fluorescent lighting usually found in schools
– Are sensitive enough to navigate an admittedly complicated set of permissions around which children we are and are not allowed to publish documentation on (this usually requires some proactive detective work with the teachers or assistants)
– Have equipment on hand to use, or are willing to come pick up our simple but good-enough cameras from our office in the Pearl District

If you think you fit the bill and have some time to spare in exchange for tremendous gratitude from Right Brain staff, the chance to act as a fly on the wall during absolutely delightful creative classroom experiences, and consistent photo credits!, please fill out our online volunteer application here.

Questions? Please contact me at or 503.823.2965. Thank you in advance for your consideration and for passing along the message!


Right Brain Team