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PSU and Right Brain Collaborate Again

August 12th, 2014 by Right Brain Team


On August 2, folks learned to salsa dance to help out Right Brain.

The dance lesson was part of “Ignite Your Passion,” an event hosted by Portland State University students to benefit The Right Brain Initiative. The students were taking a class taught by PSU professor Suzanne Savaria, called “Performing Arts Advocacy.” This is one of PSU’s capstone courses, which are designed to get students out into the Portland community to make a positive difference. Savaria has partnered with Right Brain for several school terms, and students have learned how to advocate for the arts, taking on various projects that engage with Right Brain.

Last summer I took the same course. I was hesitant about the prospect of putting together a fundraiser event—I didn’t have much experience asking for donations. But over the course of four weeks my group managed to put together a house concert, and I was amazed at the generosity people had shown. Everything—venue, music, food and beer—had been donated.

This year I served as a mentor for students in the same class, and gave advice based on my own experience.

“Ignite Your Passion” was awesome. It featured a silent auction, with an impressive array of items to bid on. From gift cards to paintings, baskets of Dave’s Killer Bread to a full-service party at the Billiards Club, there was something for everyone. Some items even led to silent bidding wars.

Then attendees were informed the salsa dancing portion of the evening would commence. I was aware there would be a performance, but I admit I was taken off guard when the lesson began. For an inexperienced salsa dancer such as myself, it sounded a bit daunting. But half an hour later, the entire room was loving it. Our instructors quickly got us up to speed with the music, and even I felt like I knew what I was doing.

Next we switched musical gears, and learned some U-Jam dance moves. This was faster-paced than the salsa dancing, and was quite the workout. Again, I was unfamiliar with the dance style, but with our teachers’ instruction I was able to “body roll” with the rest of them.

U-Jam got everyone energized and ready to make a final bid on the auction item of their choice. Then the auction closed, folks collected their winnings, and the night concluded.

Even though the planning team was small, they managed to put together an outstanding event. The target was to raise $250. “Ignite Your Passion” raised $709.50, which is just short of the total raised by all four groups in the class I was a part of, combined.

Excellent job, capstone students! Thank you for showing how successful and enjoyable these fundraisers can be!

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2014-08-02 19.30.41

One of the many silent auction tables.




Colin Staub is a freelance journalist in Portland. He experienced the benefits of arts integration early on, while attending daVinci Arts Middle School.


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