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Quick! Vote for Right Brain!

February 3rd, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Our wildly creative design partner North has entered us into an essay contest. The winner of this contest receives $20,000 in creative services from Blue Collar, an agency headquartered in lovely Hood River, Oregon. And how is the winner determined? By public votes! That means you have the opportunity to help. Express your concern for equitable, integrated arts programming in the K-8 schools by voting for The Right Brain Initiative.

Note: You must vote by this Friday, February 5 to be counted.

And to what purpose will all this creative power be applied, should we win? We hope to use this work to help enact a major upgrade to our Website. While our site is pretty, it’s just as surely limited in terms of function. Help us move past our page full of downloadable PDFs in favor of real pages packed with information, a calendar of events, hard resources for teachers and parents, documentation of work in classrooms, and much more.

Vote here! And vote soon! We believe our programming will be better in the long-run with this help. Please note also that the system only allows one vote per IP address, which generally means one vote per Internet connection. So if your coworker already voted in the office, vote from home. Thank you for your help!


Right Brain Team