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Right Brain and Oregon Symphony Make Beautiful Music

August 8th, 2012 by Right Brain Team

Photo by Miri Stebivka, at Whitman School in East Portland

What a way to kick off our Summer Contest! The  Oregon Symphony got some AMAZING responses for the first Right Brain Initiative Partners giveaway. They asked, “What is your favorite memory from grade school music class?” The winning entry received a pair of free tickets to a symphony performance. We wanted to highlight some of our favorites, including the winning response, as well as some photos from Right Brain music residencies.

“My favorite memory of Mrs. Brown were all the amazing seasonal songs we would learn. Only now do I know that they were various folk songs or pieces of poetry put to song. How tied these things are: culture, stories, poetry, song. These experiences shaped my love for Anthropology, creativity, and expression. I still sing a Halloween song entitled ‘Ghost of John’ to my now four year old.” – Dena Dalton


3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Hayhurst Elementary (SW Portland) with folk musician Rick Meyers.  Students got the chance to create an instrument from scratch, learn what makes a “good” instrument and how to work with what you have on hand.

Photo by Cecily Caceu.

Photo by Cecily Caceu.

“Dancing around like a crazy kid while others played the drums. (That ultimately led to a 20+ year career in ballet management.)” – Stan Ware

“We sang a lot in my elementary music classes, and I loved it. I was fortunate to have Mrs. Moltman in the North Clackamas School District. She played the guitar and we sang, and I never loved school as much as when I was in her classroom.” – Susan Shepperd

3rd graders at James John Elementary (North Portland) wrote an original song that represented their school, community, and cultural diversity with singer/songwriter, Greta Pedersen.

Photo by Allie Maya.

Photo by Allie Maya.

“Watching the segment on music in Donald in Mathmagic Land and thinking, Wow! Learning music does help me learn math.” – Barbera Casey

“My memory is of Miss DelDuca, my music teacher in grade school in the 1940s. She encouraged me to sing and to play piano, and I play piano to this day. All these decades later, I still remember just what she looked like, what she sounded like, what she taught all of us.” – Nanette Allen

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