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Right Brain on MetroEast TV

January 15th, 2011 by Allie

Producer Dennise Kowalczyk (right) interviews Danni Langston, teacher at Hollydale Elementary (Gresham) and Jim Schlachter, Superintendent of the Gresham-Barlow School District, on MetroEast TV.

Almost a year ago, we enthusiastically collaborated with MetroEast Community Media on an episode for their Art Tuesdays series.
This segment features The Right Brain Initiative’s work in the Gresham-Barlow School District, with reflections from Jim Schlachter, then Assistant Superintendent for the district (he’s since become Superintendent) and second grade teacher Danni Langston of Hollydale Elementary. The segment has since aired several times on TV, but it was recently posted online (yip!), and we invite you to take a look. Note clips of our roster artist Tony Fuemmeler at work in the classroom, guiding students through a mask making project that addressed narrative and history.

We encourage you to watch the full video here, however, we also wanted to highlight some of our favorite quotes from these outstanding partners:

“We, as a staff, approach the Initiative with excitement and try to pass that on to the kids.” (Danni Langston)

“As an educator, it is more about the positive impact of art on the development of the human brain, and that’s what I am really in it for.” (Jim Schlachter)

“[The artist] brings something really special and the kids eat it up.  They love, love, love it!” (Danni Langston)

“What [the artist] can bring to the classroom is more than I can bring myself.” (Danni Langston)

“It’s amazing how many parents want to come into the school to be a part of it.” (Jim Schlachter)