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November 19th, 2012 by Right Brain Team

At Right Brain, we do everything we can to ensure that educators are armed with the tools they need to bring creativity to every subject they teach. By working directly with teachers, artists, and administrators, Right Brain increases the likelihood that arts-based strategies are integrated with curriculum and teaching processes already in place in classrooms. This October, we completed TWO FULL WEEKS of professional development—a milestone for us.

See in this chart how our commitment to professional development for educators grows each school year:

And the results are in: This programming works. We were extremely gratified to find last school year that every single teacher we surveyed at our Professional Development sessions reported integrating Right Brain teaching strategies into their lesson plans. And more than two thirds did so on a regular basis.

64% of Right Brain PD participants surveyed reported using arts strategies in their classrooms on a regular basis. All respondants reported incorporating these strategies at some point in the past three months.

And the thing is, it’s not merely that our teaching practices are being implemented. Teachers aren’t just going through our motions. They’re excited about the ways in which these different methods can serve as a supplement to the work they’re already doing. Here’s what they said:

We here at Right Brain have always understood that the arts in schools are an asset, not an accessory. We’re elated to know that because of what we’re doing, and because of the efforts and willingness of the educators we work with, we’re not alone.

For more info about how we’re making an impact in the schools we serve, check out our 2012 Progress Report (PDF).


Right Brain Team