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Show + Tell prepares to hit the road.

July 23rd, 2010 by Right Brain Team


We’re currently—that is, literally, as we speak—excitedly putting the finishing touches on our latest project. We previewed our traveling exhibit at our annual Show + Tell event last month. Now, we enlist your help to take the exhibit out to all the areas we serve.  

The exhibit, also called Show + Tell, exists to educate the public about what we do through artifacts from the past year. And because the way we work as a program is complex and the subtleties that separate us from other school arts education programs are not evident to everyone, we also walk viewers through our unique process. We take the viewer on the from the point where school districts select schools for participation, to each school’s selection of its artist(s)-in-residence, to professional development, to the rich reflection process that takes place after the arts experience occurs in the classroom. 

We knew we wanted to create an exhibit first to educate our stakeholders about what exactly they’re supporting, and in such a way that we could take it directly to them. We decided to install Show + Tell inside an 8×16′ portable storage container, so we could customize and format the content in a permanent sort of way—including multimedia content—while still being able to take it to most any venue. And then, delightfully, we could use the exhibit to not just educate our existing supporters, but also to communicate with members of the public who don’t know us yet. This feels like a fitting time to mention that building the exhibit inside such a structure was made entirely possible by a generous sponsorship from PODS of Portland-SW Washington. I can’t say enough about the staff at PODS who have been warm and accomodating throughout the entire process.

Cate Millar, Joanna Agee and the other good people at the Leftbank Project just East of the Broadway Bridge were then kind enough to be our guinea pigs—hosting the exhibit in their triangle parking lot just after its initial birthing, and bringing in the building’s tenants and neighbors to take a look. Joanna wrote a gorgeous entry about the project, which I encourage you read here.

Show + Tell at Leftbank

As we ready to hit the road, here’s where you fit in!
(1) We seek public locations for the exhibit in the suburban school districts we work in – Gresham, Hillsboro and North Clackamas. We can honestly say at this point that viewers have been heartened by what they see in this exhibit and it a low-risk, low-impact way to draw in audiences and spread legitimate delight to parking lots any/everywhere. 

To host the exhibit in your space, please contact me at 

(2) We also need scores of volunteers, from—or willing to drive out to—all corners of Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties to gallery sit during open hours. These kind folks will need to be able to power up our simple electronics set-up and answer basic questions about our programming (don’t worry—we’ll help you out on that one). In exchange, volunteers will have the  opportunity to interact with members of the public in varied spaces, learning how they perceive the state and importance of arts education (extremely valuable information for our outreach efforts). They’ll then have the chance in most cases to inform visitors for the first time about the unique solution that The Right Brain Initiative provides to current arts education challenges. 

To volunteer, fill out our application online. And please feel free to contact me directly with questions. 

On our docket for us this month is to post all the content on our Flickr page for perusal from afar. In the meantime, you can see the exhibit at the below locations. 


Brain Party – Saturday, July 24 (a benefit for The Right Brain Initiative)
MORSound Free Concert, PDX Bridge Festival, Saturday, July 31
Ledding Library of Milwaukie, Tuesday, August 10 – Monday, August 16
Art in the Pearl – Saturday, September 4 – Monday, September 7
Portland Children’s Museum – Tuesday, September 14 – Sunday, October 3

Learn more about our vision for this project by downloading our exhibition program (PDF).


Right Brain Team