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Still wondering what arts integration is? Watch this.

June 27th, 2011 by Right Brain Team

Thanks to Arts Every Day, an arts education program in Baltimore, we learned about an incredible video introducing the concept of arts integration, recently created by The Phillips Collection. The Phillips Collection is a major museum in Washington, D.C. that also has a strong K-12 education program. 

Click here to watch the video.

We bring this piece of media to your attention because arts integration is the foundation of The Right Brain Initiative’s approach to arts education. We use arts integration to bring learning to life. To help students understand subjects in new ways. Through arts integration, we can enable all students to find success in the classroom. By transforming their math lesson into a dance class, or turning their reading lesson into podcast project, we provide a variety of modes for students to explore and get their hands dirty (sometimes literally!) with standard daily subjects. We know that in this educational climate, teachers’ schedules are packed each and every day. So, by connecting creativity to subjects that are a part of annual standardized tests, we’re more likely to ensure that students receive arts education on a frequent basis.

Watch this video to learn more about why arts integration can help students build creative and critical thinking skills. To learn how it can help students develop a personal and impactful relationship with their schoolwork. Note, of course, that while The Phillips Collection applies visual art to other subjects (a great thing), we also happen to connect dance, theater, music, media and writing through arts integration.

Thanks to the staff of The Phillips Collection for breaking down this concept for the benefit of all educators who use arts integration. We hardly could have explained it better ourselves.


Right Brain Team