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July 1st, 2011 by Right Brain Team

At The Right Brain Initiative, we believe fully in the notion that what happens within the walls of a school building is the business of the entire community. That’s why we’re completely excited to announce a new project in partnership with AIGA Portland, the professional association for design. We’ve teamed up to create “Brain Food,” a tool to to help the creative community ignite curiosity and innovation within our public schools.

“Brain Food” will be an activity deck of imaginative challenges that will engage school-age children in developing creative and critical thinking skills. We seek input from Portland area creative professionals to contribute content to the deck. (Consider the term “creative professionals” loosely defined!—certainly including arts organizations, architects, and creative educators of all kinds.) Just like in the classrooms we serve, creativity combined with other school subjects leads to a powerful learning experience. This is the equation we hope to see computed by you and you and you—in the form of wildly imaginative Brain Food activities kids can participate in, either in the classroom or at home.

Once all our tastiest submissions have been selected and compiled, the finished product will be printed in a format we can distribute as a teaching tool to the schools we serve. And, they’ll be on sale to the public as a fundraiser for Right Brain.

→ Read the full call for submissions on the AIGA’s site.
See the existing Brain Food activities on our website.

AIGA Portland’s Social Change committee is a group of designers dedicated to giving back to the community. As critical thinkers, artists, professional communicators, and designers have a unique skill set that can utilized by many non-profits. The AIGA Portland Social Change Committee has chosen to partner with The Right Brain Initiative because of their impact on local schools and focus on the arts.


Right Brain Team