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The Imagination Fund: A big-deal fundraising challenge.

January 31st, 2013 by Right Brain Team


Yesterday, we were very proud to announce that we’re the recipient of a significant challenge grant from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund. Here’s how it works: if we raise $25,000 through individual contributions of $250 and above by June 15, 2013, all donations will be matched in full by the foundation.

Accordingly, we are excited to present our Imagination Fund campaign, which marks a big new step in Right Brain’s fundraising endeavors. We are a program that currently only receives 3% of its funding from individuals (non-profit organizations typically operate with at least 25% of funding coming from individuals). Gaining significant support from good people in our community will be crucial to helping us stabilize and grow our still-young program, so that we can serve more and more children through innovative arts education each year. 

If a monthly contribution of $25 or more is in order for you, you can contribute to our campaign!

A special thank you to Halle Cisco for creating our wonderful campaign graphic!

Right Brain Team