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The Imagination Fund: Reaching Challenges, Extending the Arts

June 30th, 2014 by Right Brain Team

Earlier this school year, we introduced the second round of our fundraising campaign—The Imagination Fund—to raise $25,000. As a part of this campaign, the Maybelle Clark McDonald Fund agreed to match each contribution, dollar-for-dollar, if we hit $25,000 by June 15th. Needless to say, we reached our goal!

Earning this match was a joint effort between Right Brain staff and the Grassroots Fundraising Task Force, community members, and volunteers. Throughout the year, we organized regular neighborhood events and activities, such as trivia nights and dinner parties hosted by individuals. 

Through our collective time and effort, these funds will help support arts education programs for K-8th grades in the tri-county area. We are also especially thankful for our gracious donors and event hosts, who helped make this match possible!

  • Individual Donors: Nancy Archer, Sylvia Ashmore, Melody Bridges, Verlea Briggs, Greg Chapman, Carson and Sela Cies, Jodi Delahunt Hubbell and Todd Hubbell, Cameron Drilling,  Michelle Eraut, Savannah Gilmore, Gary Hartnett, Marvin James, Joe and Flizita Kaiser,  Kenzo Kubo, Michael Maas, Joe Mabe, Ashley McClellan, Josie Mendoza, Cate Millar, Robert Nicholas, Frank Palacios, Dorothy Piacentini, Geoff Phillips, Carla Piluso, Wallace Preble, Melissa Ranucci Soll, Emily Ritter, Elizabeth Rusch, Steve Seabold, Tyler M. Smith and Melissa M. Smith, T.A. Smith, Nick Walrod, Donna Allen Wardenaar, Thomas and Jodi Watson, Dan Wieden, Sadie Yudkin

  • Pooled Gifts from Hosted Events: Alan Alexander, Kaitlyn Allegretti, Marina Barcelo, Danielle Bastien,  Bruce & Julia Brown, Tamara Bruketta & Justin Yngelmo, Teralyn Bruketta, Thomas Bruketta, Marilyn Couch, Matt & Lara Drouhard, Westie Freeman, Wayne Harvey, Marcy Haugh, Sarah Knuth & Kurt Weller, Martha Koenig, Kenneth Kolarsky & Cynthia Gladen, Parker & Katherine Lee, Nora Lehnhoff, Christine Lorenz, Jeremy Marks, Genna Martin,  Gavin McCardle, Ron Miller, Caprice J. Neely, Edwin Perry & Deborah Peterson, Cynthia Pease, Jerome Rillera, Allison Rueckl & Liz Donovan, Randy Short, Jamie Smeland, Colin Staub, Carol Triffle & Jerry Mouawad, Ricardo Vasquez, Barbara & Karl Wetzel, Annie Wilkins

Although we reached our goal, the challenge grant continues! We have now entered the third and final year of the Maybelle Clark McDonald Fund, so be sure to keep us and our students in mind by donating here.

Meredith Wong is the current Development Apprentice for The Right Brain Initiative. She is a graduate student in the Arts and  Administration program at University of Oregon. 


Right Brain Team