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Try this at home

December 15th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Need some mental sustenance over your winter break? Looking for some creative inspiration for your dark evenings indoors?

Be a fort architect with Brain Food.

Be a fort architect with Brain Food.

One of the sparkling new features in our now one-month old website is the Brain Food page, a part of the site devoted to practicing what we preach. We believe that creative thinking is inherent in any worthwhile endeavor, and the best learning opportunities are projects that engage people to be creative critical thinkers.  Because this is our belief, we base our practice on the concept of arts integration, which is defined as the connecting of the arts with other disciplines (like the sciences, mathematics, and other humanities) for learning. You’ll see each activity straddles the arts and at least one other pursuit. Adults and kids can share in these activities at anytime, (almost) anywhere. Through Brain Food activities, we hope to demonstrate the potential learning– and of course fun — of arts integration for everyone.

We post today to announce that at we have just doubled the amount of brain nourishment on our site, increasing our Brain Food menu from five activities to ten, just in time for the long winter breaks some of us are lucky enough to enjoy. And we intend to grow the supply, so we invite you to submit your own Brain Food. Maybe some of your best family activities or childhood memories center around creative, integrated projects.

We also invite you to select a Brain Food and submit a photograph or story about your endeavor to try it at home!  We fully expect that most of our supporters and readers will be able to take these project ideas to new heights.

You can submit items directly through the Brain Food page, or to Kendra Yao at

Parents, teachers, librarians, babysitters, grandparents — adults and kids, come and get your Brain Food here.


Right Brain Team