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Tweet Weeks

November 21st, 2012 by Right Brain Team


Do you have a twitter account? Do you tweet often? Rarely? At all hours, on all occasions? Are your tweets funny, or serious? Is your handle a pun? At Right Brain, we try to cover the gamut, and it usually works out; but every once in a while, we need a little pick me up. A little mid-season kick.

That’s why this week, we’d like to point you to our twitter feed, just this once (Ok maybe a few times), for a very special feature taking place through December, that we’ve been calling Right Brain Tweet-Weeks. It’s kind of like Fleet Week, where all your favorite characters, the Rosses and Rachels, the Sams and Dianes, are joined for an episode by a special guest star—somebody who’s up for an Oscar, somebody everybody knows—and wind up digging themselves into the craziest antics of the season. Well, for the next few weeks at Right Brain, we have a few special guest stars of our own.

Check in this week to mull over the musings of Barry Johnson, Editor of Oregon Arts Watch. Stay tuned next week for part two, starring David Biespiel, Poet, and founder of the Attic Institute here in Portland. And don’t miss week three’s thrilling conclusion, with Emily Stevens of the Portland Opera.

Tune in to help us keep our ratings high and get our message out. We promise it’s better than reality TV.


Right Brain Team