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Vandalism! Seriously?

August 26th, 2010 by Right Brain Team


Dear Taggers on Alberta Street,

At The Right Brain Initiative, we advocate for uninhibited creativity. And on that note, we can’t entirely criticize you for embellishing the exterior of Show + Tell, our traveling exhibit. But we encourage you to engage your right brains more productively! And so, we’re washing you away.

We knew we were exposing ourselves to the risk of vandalism when we began parking our “pod” on street corners and in varied parking lots around the Portland area. It’s the ugly side of working directly with the public. Of course, we still hoped that we would be able to avoid addressing this issue.

But will we let this slow us down? Not for a second. We invite you to join us on Alberta tonight for Last Thursday, despite any unsightly aberrations that may still be in tact. Come visit us between 16th and 17th Avenues in front of Nurture (thanks again, to everyone in the building, for letting us block your facade for a week). Talk to us, find out why we’re really here, and what we’re doing for Portland. And bring your friends.

You probably didn’t know exactly whose property you were defacing, but we’re pretty sure that not-for-profit organizations working for public schools are not who you want to stick it to.

Rising above the fold to extend love to you,
The Right Brain Initiative

EXHIBIT B | We're too fast for you here! Thanks to an anti-graffiti coating, this one rubs right off.

EXHIBIT C | This is going to take some additional technology, but we're proud to have RACC's public art department behind us.


Right Brain Team