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We kind of can't believe we did this.

August 12th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Here we are—yes—up to our eyeballs in street permits and covered in wheat paste and paint and bits of felt. Officially, we’re saddled with our very own, real-live, traveling exhibit. And the tour has now begun. Built into an 8×16’ portable storage container, Show + Tell features diverse artifacts from our past year of programming. In truth, it’s an elaborate, multimedia ruse to get out into the world and actually talk to the public about what Right Brain is doing on behalf of our kids.

Show + Tell at the PDX Bridge Festival. Photo: Matt Kowal

We’ve been having a blast taking our school-focused program out to the wide world. We talked to hundreds at the PDX Bridge Festival, and this week have been at the public Ledding Library in Milwaukie, fortunate enough to tack on to their last bits of summer programming.

PDX Bridge Festival. Photo: Matt Kowal

We’re continuing to refine our schedule. As of today, you can count on finding the pod in the following locations:

Milwaukie Ledding Library, August 11-14
NE Alberta Street at 16th, Portland (Nurture, et al.), August 21-27  (map)
Portland Public Schools Blanchard Education Services Center, September 8-13
Portland Children’s Museum, September 14 – October 3

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– See our full set of images from the PDX Bridge Festival.

See our online version of the exhibit on Flickr.
See how the “pod” gets around via an extremely large truck and advanced hydraulics in this time-lapse video.

Want to volunteer your time to “gallery sit” at the exhibit? Fill out our online volunteer application, and we’ll get you started


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