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We officially exist. Right Brain is in The Oregonian!

November 9th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Photo by Benjamin Brink, courtesy of The Oregonian

Art skills help young minds bloom: The Right Brain Initiative helps fill a funding gap and gives area students a leg up.

So reads the headline for Right Brain’s first feature in The Oregonian, published today on the cover of the Metro section.

Meanwhile, the online version, employs the title: The Right Brain Initiative returns art to classrooms. We’ll take that too.

For this story, we connected reporter Candice Ruud to a 1st grade classroom at Lincoln Street Elementary in Hillsboro. There, Right Brain teaching artist Elizabeth Burden of BodyVox taught students about the plant life cycle through movement. From Candice’s characterization of this arts experience, she addressed our work’s response to local school systems that have endured drastic budget cuts, our unique community partnership model, our ability to inspire teacher innovation, and our focus on integrating the arts with other subjects. Not bad for a rather short article, really. But we encourage you to bask in this piece of media for yourselves!

Read the full article.

See a complete set of images from BodyVox’s work at Lincoln Street on our Flickr page.


Right Brain Team