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Our best testimony of all time (now in a more convenient viewing format)

September 8th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

We’re steadily working to get program documentation online to share with you all. In this vein, at long last, we’ve just now acquired and posted one of the best testimonies for this program that we have on file, directly to YouTube. Back in March, Holly Wilson, a 6th grade teacher at Rigler K-8 School spoke on our behalf before the Portland City Council.  In a burst of lightning, she spoke to her ability to reach students in new ways through the arts learning, her personal growth as a teacher through collaborations with Right Brain artists, and the need to provide arts education to her students during the school day—since, for many of them, their access to the arts ends when the final bell rings.

At the top of a brand new school year, it’s a great reminder of the objectives we aim to achieve in every classroom we serve.

I encourage you to check out the clip on our still-pretty-new YouTube page, along with a few other goodies.

To read the full text of Holly’s testimony, see our original blog entry last spring.


Right Brain Team