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Welcome, Estacada School District!

June 19th, 2014 by Right Brain Team

We are excited to report that we will take on the Estacada School District next year as our seventh partner school district. We will be working with Clackamas River and Eagle Creek Elementary Schools, providing integrated arts programming for their students, and professional development for their staff.

Read yesterday’s announcement about the partnership, as published in the Estacada News. In particular, we really like this quote from Seth Johnson, principal at Clackamas River: 

“We believe arts [are] a very important piece of education….What we’re hoping to have with this Right Brain Initiative is a more comprehensive plan for how we role out our arts.”

We are so charmed that Clackamas River Elementary has its own Twitter handle. Please find them at @CREChinooks!

These two schools will join the 49 current Right Brain partner schools, and other new schools to be announced this fall. See a full list of 2013-14 Right Brain partner schools.


Right Brain Team