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Welcome to Right Brain’s Newest Teaching Artists!

October 9th, 2015 by Right Brain Team

Please join us in welcoming four new teaching artists to the Right Brain roster for Fall 2015!


Kanani Miyamoto

Kanani is a visual artist specializing in printmaking. She loves to hear the Oooos and Ahhhs of students when a print is pulled and is eager to both share the magic of printmaking with students and get teachers excited about infusing their core curriculum with the arts and arts instruction. To Kanani, “arts integration has the power of engagement” for every student and is “necessary” because “thinking creatively is a valuable skill that our future generation needs.”



Kathy Coleman, Disability Art and Culture Project

Kathy, a Master of Social Work in addition to a choreographer and dancer, is the artistic director for The Disability Art and Culture Project. Kathy believes that “there is nothing more exciting than watching students transform an idea into movement.” When asked what she’s most looking forward to working as a teaching artist for Right Brain, Kathy replied: “I think Right Brain provides the opportunity for teachers and students to dig deep into creativity and critical thinking which then cultivates new ways of imagining the world.”



Oluyinka Akinjiola

Oluyinka is a choreographer, dancer, and artistic director for Rejoice: Diaspora Dance Theater. For Oluyinka, her role as a teaching artist is to “reveal the power and capacity of the arts” to encompass other disciplines and critical thinking. When considering her work with Right Brain next year, she says “What I love about Right Brain is that every session in every residency will be different…That keeps life exciting and fresh for the students and for me as a teaching artist.”

Oluyinka’s profile will go live on the roster in advance of her return to Portland in January.


Tina McDermott

Tina is a visual artist and certified arts teacher who takes the role of instigating the right kind of questions seriously. As a teaching artist, Tina values the relationship between student inquiry and student learning. For Tina, arts integration holds that relationship together: “When we wonder about the motivation for students to learn, we’re asking them why we look for meaning. We have to use an artist’s toolkit to get a full answer.”

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Right Brain Team