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What is the value of arts education? A child's perspective. (Part I)

September 14th, 2010 by Right Brain Team

Kids are a lot more inspired to learn when there’s arts along with math, writing, social studies and science. —Madeleine


As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, this week is the very first national Arts in Education Week. Arts education advocates everywhere appreciate this new validation from our federal government. And at the bright beginning of a fresh new school year, this has become a convenient time to celebrate current creative learning successes and to articulate the necessity of increased arts education. We think the U.S. House of Representatives did an excellent job of expressing the value of the arts in schools through their Arts in Education Week resolution. But we also thought we’d go straight to the source.

All summer long, we’ve been asking visitors to our traveling exhibit* to answer the question, “What is the value of arts education?” And thus, the public has been leaving a trail of replies via multi-colored post-it notes on our bulletin board. I pulled a number of responses clearly written by children, and will post a new one each day for the rest of this week. Who better to advocate for this cause then those we’re  actively working to serve?

Enjoy. And, as always, let us know what you think about these perspectives—this time from the purest sources imaginable.

*Our traveling exhibit, Show + Tell, is currently on view at the Portland Children’s Museum through October 3.


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