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What the Imagination Fund means to us

July 3rd, 2013 by Right Brain Team


If you follow us on social media (do it!), you’re probably aware we just finished a big fundraising campaign. The Imagination Fund is so important to Right Brain for several reasons, not the least of which is that our program is growing a lot faster than our budget! The main focus of the campaign, though, was to ignite a base of individual donors who care about arts education in the Portland community. We need our neighbors to support us just as much as we need corporations and governmental agencies, because it means the whole community is behind our efforts.

Not only did we succeed in finding new supporters, our long-time friends once again proved their astounding dedication to our cause. After a seven-month campaign that united Right Brain staff, board members, friends and local businesses, we are so pleased to announce that we raised $23,605, every penny of which will be matched by the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund. We more than doubled our community of individual donors!

Awesome supporter Abbie, a member of our grassroots fundraising task force, hosted a Rock Out for Right Brain event to benefit the Imagination Fund.

In all, we mobilized over 100 donors through 14 events, three letter-writing campaigns and three online campaigns. Our staff, supporters and partners got creative, in true Right Brain fashion, to generate support. Committee members and board members pitched in to host Dine in for Right Brain events, bringing friends together to share the message and raise funds. We gathered support in a warehouse, in a law firm and in a retirement home. We did it through craft parties, luncheons, rock concerts and wine tastings. Our good friends at NORTH got creative with the first of four videos heralding the virtues of Right Brain. Watch the first and stay tuned for more!

To those who helped and those who gave and everyone in between: thank you. The kids of the Portland area will reap the rewards of your generosity in years to come.

All this good news comes with a long-term vision. This is just the beginning. The Imagination Fund campaign is a three-year challenge. We had just seven months to mount this recent campaign, and look how much we accomplished! Can you imagine what we can do in a full twelve months? Let’s find out. The next campaign begins now.



Right Brain Team