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December 7th, 2011 by Right Brain Team


Right Brain is an important arts education organization with a remarkable vision: to transform learning for all children through the arts. The idea is simple but the methods are remarkable. Imagine learning about the planets by incorporating dance, exploring biodiversity through collaborative murals, or helping a child perceive his or her unique identity with poetry and photography.  That’s what is happening in Right Brain classrooms.

And it’s working. Students in Right Brain classrooms produce work that shows a greater investment of time and thought; these students are more thoroughly engaged in essential twenty-first century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. The outcomes of a Right Brain education were thoroughly documented in their annual report, and the numbers are impressive.

The Right Brain Initiative is one of the most impressive and collaborative arts organizations I’ve ever been a part of. It’s filled with passionate individuals doing work that is smart, progressive, and relevant. That work needs to continue.

I donated to Right Brain through the 2011 Willamette Week Give!Guide because its mission speaks to me, and I’m encouraging you to do the same. The minimum donation is only $10, but you decide how much is right for you.  By making a donation, you’ll not only support an incredibly worthy organization, but you’ll also be entered in a raffle to win any number of great incentives from Right Brain— as well as even more swag from Willamette Week!

And if Right Brain recruits the most donors under 36 in their category, they’ll receive an extra $500!

So here’s the thing – some of you don’t have kids, some of you don’t even live in the Portland area, some of you are wondering: “Why should I donate?”  You should donate because Right Brain is receiving recognition on a national scale. Through an application spearheaded by Right Brain, Portland was recently selected as the third national site for the Any Given Child initiative of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  I’m hopeful that this recognition will compel other major cities to adopt similar initiatives; that this model will someday influence the education of a child who is close to you.

Take some time to donate now!  – you’ll find Right Brain listed in the education box.


Sam Ellingson is the volunteer manager at the Portland Children’s Museum and a member of Right Brain’s Advocacy Committee.


Right Brain Team