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November 7th, 2011 by Right Brain Team

As an intern, you'll have the chance to collaborate on projects with staff and the greater community. Photo by Matt Kowal.

Don’t let a chance to join our team pass you by! The Right Brain Initiative seeks a motivated, engaged intern to help support our work within classrooms and the greater community for the winter/spring 2012 term, and the deadline for applications is November 15.

Rounding the bend to arrive at my third month as a Right Brain communications intern, I have a lot to feel lucky about. I’ve had the chance to be genuinely engaged in the weekly operations of a grassroots non-profit that is making vital and urgently needed transformations in our region’s education system. I’ve been invited to the table to hear and give input in the decision-making processes of various task forces ranging from fundraising to parent outreach. When I first arrived on the scene, the finishing touches were just being put on the 2011 Progress Report. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to witness  firsthand the organization’s progress in action. Among the highlights of my experience so far has been my involvement in planning the event for Any Given Child, a long-range plan for arts education enhancement in the region. The event brought arts education leaders from Washington, D.C. and our own community together with educators and the arts community in the same room. Seeing this large-scale commitment happening right here in Portland was truly inspiring.

On a specific level, I’ve become familiar with a new style of communicating to the public, as well as various media platforms that I hadn’t been exposed to through my (incredible but technology-deprived) experience as an English major in college. But the experience has extended beyond the office in real ways. When reading the news, I scan for articles or information related to arts education so that I can stay up to date with the issues central to Right Brain’s cause. I make it a point to try to get my hands on information related to the state of education in our region, because my time here has fostered a genuine interest in these issues.

That’s my story — if it sounds enticing, read on! Whether you love activating your community, have a knack for putting social media to good use, or want to see firsthand what goes on behind the scenes at a non-profit, you’ll definitely want to apply for this upcoming opportunity:

Outreach Internship with the Regional Arts & Culture Council
The Outreach Intern will assist the Outreach Specialist in delivering advocacy and marketing initiatives to the public on behalf of The Right Brain Initiative at the Regional Arts & Culture Council offices. The intern’s duties may include assisting with social media, tracking online marketing activities, event assistance and representing Right Brain to the public. Ideal for anyone interested in nonprofit advocacy.

**Read more about qualifications, preferred skills and required time commitment for the Outreach Internship.**

An internship at Right Brain will allow you to play a role in a landmark enhancement of our region’s education system and will challenge you to craft a unique voice with which to advocate for creativity. Visit the Join Us page on our website today for instructions on how to apply.

**This internship is unpaid; school credit is possible depending on your educational program.**


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