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Woohoo, we did it

November 19th, 2013 by Right Brain Team


After a nail-biting 36-day Kickstarter campaign, Brain Food will make its way to the creative, young minds of the world, all thanks to YOU. In total, we narrowly exceeded our goal to raise an astounding $7,910 from 179 backers!

We were amazed by the enthusiasm and support for this project. Every tweet you made or friend, colleague, acquaintance and stranger you told about Brain Food, made all the difference.  Seriously.  And a  special thank you to advocates at NORTHSandstromFilter and The New Group, for giving at the business level. We have been working closely with AIGA Portland’s Design for Good chapter for nearly three years to bring to life, so making it to this stage feels particularly sweet.

The next step is to put the finishing touches on the decks, so they are shiny and beautiful before we set them free. Those who backed at the $100 level, we will be in touch soon to get your custom portrait started. And for our $25 backers, get your wrapping paper ready because your Brain Food decks will be on their way shortly.

In fact, here is a list of ALL of our backers, who—much to our delight and surprise—come from Portland and Plano, Pittsburgh and  Phoenix, Jacksonville, Omaha, Charlotte, Honolulu, D.C., and even Melbourne, Australia. Thank you, thank you, merci, gracias and danke!

Aidan C. O’Connor
Allison Arno
Amy Stemper
Amy Turnbull
Andrew Herman
Andrew Twigg
Anna Lemons
Ann-Marie Polozova
April Eidemiller Krubel
Ashley Perlberg
Barbara Scheel
Beth Bundy
Bonnie Paisley
Brandon Littlefield
Bree Goodrow
Breena Wiederhoeft
Brian of Tribute Gallery
Brianne Baker
Brittany Hanson
Bryony Gomez-Palacio
Caitlin Weber
Cary Clarke
Cathi Cannon
Cathy Delzio
Charles Atkinson
Chris Rivard
Chris Weiser
Christi Crowley
Christine Bierman
Christine Flanagan
Christine Gradel
Cielle Charron
Cristy Chory
Crystal Asistio
Crystal Beasley
Curtis Harvey
Cynthia Knapp
Dan Norton-Middaugh
Dan Swanson
Daniel Bissell
Darren Cools
Denyce Biewer
Derek Keevil
Dorothy Loo
Elizabeth Barber
Eloise Damrosch
Eric Gorman
Eric Hillerns
Erin Collier
Filter Portland
Genevieve Margherio
Gina Luoma
Greg Spies
Heather Cummings
Heather Gardner-Madras
James Hersick
Jamie Letourneau
Janae Newman
Jane Harold
Jane Pellicciotto
Jason Duerr
Jeanette Rawlins
Jeff Hawthorne
Jeff Savage
Jen Thomas
Jen Wick
Jennifer Chun
Jessica Caldwell
Joanna Bean Martin
Joe Auer
Joe Sparano
Jordan Harrison
Josh Holloran
Joshua Jabbour
Justin Thiele
Kara Whitney
Karen Kurycki
Kate Begonia
Kathleen Sampson
Katie Mays
Katie Silver, Vitamin T
Keith Daly
Kendra Kimberly
Kristen Gallagher
Kristen Metzger
Kristin Rogers Brown
Kyle Harvey
Kyle T Webster
Lance Larson
Laura L
Leah Wilson-Velasco
Lee Queen Zee
Lewis Winter
Lisa Holmes
Lisa Lessley Briscoe
Lydia Eve Jacka
Lynn Sojak
Mandi Middlestetter
Marcia Ellinger
Marisa Green
Marissa Leitch
Mark Dudlik
Marna Stalcup
Mary Bauer
Mary Cherveny
Matt Blair
Matt Jess Long
Matthew Garboden
Megan Lupo
Melissa Delzio
Melissa Lampe-Galazka
Michael Buchino
Mike Biewer
Mike Bijon
Mike Joosse
Mohd Rafee
Natasha Foote
Nova Newcomer
Otis Rubottom
Patricia Tompkins
Patrick Tomassi
Rachel Dominguez-Benner
Rachel Martin
Rebecca Burrell
Rebecca Felch
Red Yarn
Rob Alan
Ryan Durant
Ryan Finley
Ryan Smythe
Sam Shelton
Sara Misner
Sarah Bailen Smith
Sarah Byars
Sarah Moody
Scott Baker
Scott Benish
Scott Weisgerber
Shabab Ahmed Mirza
Shona Lepis
Shoshanna Lansberg
Stacy Westbrook
Stan Abe
Stefan Shepherd
Stephen P. Anderson
Steve Sandstrom
Susan Everett
The New Group
Theresa Scott
Thomas Gulino
Toni Tabora-Roberts
Tyson Foersterling
Varick Rosete
Wendy Castleman
Wendy J Thompson
Wileen Hsing
Zara Logue


Right Brain Team