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Wordstock donates books to Right Brain schools.

May 19th, 2011 by Right Brain Team

Photo by Robb Cummings.

At the end of last calendar year, Wordstock, one of our valued arts providers, offered the public an extraordinary challenge: Contribute to Wordstock through the Willamette Week Give!Guide, and we’ll match your contribution—dollar for dollar—in the form of gift cards from Powell’s Books, which we’ll then extend to partner schools of The Right Brain Initiative. 

Photo by Robb Cummings.

By the end of their campaign, they raised enough contributions to supply each of our 25 schools with a $150 gift card. And last week at our Spring Colloquium, Wordstock and Right Brain were able to collaboratively present the cards to each school. Note the beaming teachers (and in some cases, administrators or parents) above, holding their envelopes full of goodies. And that’s Rachel Sokolow, education director at Wordstock, in the fuschia cardigan serving as Santa Claus.

We’ve loved this project from the beginning, and what a wonderful testament it continues to be to the value of working within a partnership-based program. We appreciate the ingenuity and generosity on the part of Wordstock (and Powell’s, for that matter), that allowed this to happen. As Kendra Yao, Right Brain’s program specialist, said back in December about this project: “If anything is cut-and-dry in this world, it’s that a book in the hands of a kid is a good thing.”


Right Brain Team